Alexandre Guillemine

Guillemine Alexandre

Data Scientist Junior

Name:Guillemine Alexandre
Address:Rennes, France
Phone:+00 33 (0)6 68 33 27 64
My second year at ENSAI will soon be ending. It is the year of projects ! With a total of four projects, I know now how to extract website data with robot, how to parse large XML files, how to create visualisation application with RShiny. Thanks to projects, I'm fully involved and learn quickly. That’s why, I prepare a gap year. So come and discuss with me if your project involves large data modelling and analysis.


Engineering school in data science (ENSAI)

National School for Statistics and Information Analysis
Since september 2015, three-year training

Day after day, I am a little more data scientist thanks to this school. I am improving my knowledge of descriptive techniques  and data modeling. The various projects (see below) and practical cases  capture my full attention because I love learning by doing. Big data and python courses introduce me to my future speciality. Indeed, I will  specialize in big data analytics in the 3rd year.

Business intelligence and statistics (STID)

University Institute of Technology, Lisieux
September 2013 to June 2015, two-year training

Major of the promotion

This two-year training gives me the basic skills that every data scientist needs. Reporting, descriptive statistics, data modelisation and data management are the heart of this school. Thank to their practical and professionalizing approach, I am now confortable with  most of the usual statistical tools like R, SAS and SQL.


Engineering school in computer science

National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA), Rennes
September 2012 to January 2013, first semester of the third year

In this department of computer science, I have discovered multiple computing practices. It grants me the chance to use most of the IT development tools and also permits me to use some advanced functions in oriented-object programming. This hands-on approach has familiarized me with programming languages and software development.

Preparatory scientific school (ATS)

Joliot-Curie high school, Rennes
September 2011 to June 2012, one-year training

Graduated with highest honours

It was a great year, very rewarding which grants me all the tools to undestand and work efficiently. This year of preparation was true springboard ! Open-mindedness, rigour and working methods are key words of this outstanding year. It gave me  most of the fundamental mathematical principles that I need to undergo a data scientist training course.

University Diploma in physical measurement

University Institute Of Technology, Caen
September 2009 to June 2011, two-year training

First training and also first diploma of Higher education. Thanks to this two-year training, I acquainted myself with the variety of applied sciences that gives me a broad scientific knowledge. 


Teacher tutoring on

Livementor, Caen
Since September 2014, part-time work,

With more than 5 hours of online courses per week, I am one of the most active mentors of the livementor community. Thanks to this amazing website, I gave more than 15hours of private tutoring in mathematics and physics. This very interesting student job permits me to be comfortable with spoken language and  on-line tools.

Teacher tutoring with Acadomia

Acadomia, Caen
Since September 2013, part-time work

As an employee of Acadomia, leader itheir field, I teach mathematics and physics to middle school and high school students. With over 100 hours of courses,  I have managed to fully develop my teaching abilities and my interpersonal skills.



Stock clerk

Société Normande de Volaille, La Chapelle d'Andaine
Two weeks of August 2014, temporary summer work

In the composting service of this slaughterhouse, we had to sort  and store carton with both speed and precision.

Keywords :

  • team work
  • rapidity


Preparator of doughs for biscuits

Biscuit factory, Lonlay l'Abbaye
Two weeks in August 2014, temporary summer work

The larger part of this summer job was to weigh ingredients of the biscuits.

Keywords :

  • team work
  • rigour


Packer in the food industry

Biscuit factory, Lonlay l'Abbaye
July 2014, temporary summer work

Again, I worked on packaging lines during school holidays. Like any factory work, it requires willingness and determination.

Keywords :

  • team work
  • tenacity

Multipurpose agent

Biscuit factory, Lonlay l'Abbaye
February to July 2013, temporary work,

As an multipurpose agent, I had to work in the following departments : the manufacturing service and the packaging department. Mosof my job consisted of assisting labourers. It was a varied job which led me to handle production machines to make temporary replacements on packaging lines. 

Kewords :

  • team work
  • skilfulness

Cleaning agent

Biscuit factory, Lonlay l'Abbaye
July to September 2013, temporary summer job,

With my partner, our mission was to clean the manufacturing service except production machines. Every day, we had to clean walls, stairs and floors.

Keywords :

  • independence
  • organisation


Hinchion Farm, Macroom, County Cork, Ireland
February 2013, fixed-term contract

I had the opportunity to spend one month with an Irish family. In exchange for my work, the family provided me meals and accommodation. Thanks to daily farm work and total immersion, I familiarized myself with spoken English. This linguistic experience brought me trust and fluency in In my English conversations.

Keywords :

  • spoken english
  • independence


Data management : creation of a database

University Institute of Technology, Lisieux
September to December 2014, student project

The purpose of the project was to store a set of data files on employment in France in an Oracle database. To succeed, we created data tables, we fed data tables and we standardized the database.

  • Oracle database conception
  • Data extraction with SQL queries
  • Importing data under SQL developer
  • Ensuring quality and integrity of imported data under Oracle SQL developer

My online resume with WordPress3

At home, since September 2014

Through my employment search, I created my online resume to enhance my chances in the labour market. This has allowed me to discover WordPress3 and to practice two web programming languages : HTML and PHP. 

  • Web programming

Statistical survey

University Institute of Technology, Lisieux
Second semester of the second year, student project

Thanks to this project, we have conducted a statistical survey without the modeling part. The goal was to estimate the cultural needs of  the citizens of Lisieux in order to consider the installation of a cultural association. We collected data  with a web form for tablets that we have designed, we made the descriptivanalysis under SAS and we wrote a report that we presented orally.

  • Statistical programming
  • Web programming
  •  Written and oral communication

Comparative analyses on two epidurals

At home, September to January 2013

To help a future midwife complete a Master’s Thesis, I conducted the statistical analysis of her work. I had to produce comparative statistics on two types of epidural anaesthesia in order to determine the best for the patients. In order to achieve this, I realized a serie of comparative tests under SAS.

  • Statistical programming under SAS
  • Hypothesis tests under SAS

Learning machine with BonzaiBoost

National Institute of Applied Sciences, Rennes
September to December 2012

The purpose of this project was to implement a programme that can pilot a robocode by using machine learning. A robocode is a virtual combat robot that we pilot with a Java code. In this project, we didn’t use methods which already exist but we created ours. Those methods were using decision trees generated by a machine learning programme : BonzaiBoost. Thanks to the results given by the trees, we could pilot our robocode.

  • Java programming
  • supervising clustering (bonzaiboost)
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